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Sheila Jordan - Cullowhee, NC January 23, 2015

With Pavel Wlosok on piano, and Mike Holstein on bass.

She's famous for bass / vocal duets

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Christmas Day Walk - Mancelona, Michigan

This house on Maple Street is actually inhabited.

I like the gradation of colors on this garage.

We used to rehearse on the second floor of this house when Kenny lived there.

Don't even think about parking your snowmobile in front of the house.

There may be a link between overweight trucks (count the axles) and potholes.

Pumphouse Pond

Roscoe, in his element

"No dumping"

C'mon Christmas; Christmas c'mon.

Patton tank

Hemmingway: "Mancelona is a tough town." I worked in this building as a teen when it was D&B Discount. There were no Hemmingway silhouettes in those days.

I lived in this house the first few months of my life (1962-63).

The neighbors' house. When I was small, this was a log cabin, if my memory serves me (it tends to). There was wild asparagus growing in the back yard and it was inhabited by Mrs. Borne.